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Trak systems Support Staff is highly regarded in the industry. We are committed to providing quick, concise, helpful answers to any questions or concerns you may have. A long term investment should be backed by a company who recognizes the importance of long term service and support. Trak Systems is the acknowledged leader in the software support and we will continue to set the standard for excellence.

If you have any questions for our support staff, send e-mail to support@traksys.com

Support Solutions

  • Network Support

  • All RecordTrak systems come with a NIC. Now you can send Electronic (EDI) orders and receive database updates with most major one stops.

    The modem or NIC also allows our support staff to go "on-line" with your store. Program modifications and enhancements can be sent to your computer over the modem or network in minutes.

  • Software Support and Updates

  • All new systems include three months of unlimited software support. After this period most stores choose to remain on the support program. Support is provided 5 days per week. Program updates are included in the Support fee.

    24 Hour/7 Day Support Coverage
    In response to the many requests for after hours coverage, Trak Systems will initiate emergency 24/7 support. Service will be provided on a "pay as you need it" basis for current licenses. The cost is $125 per hour for the first hour or part thereof for customers on the support program. Any time after the first hour will be billed in 15 minute increments. There is no guarantee that a problem will be resolved. Also, the person initiating the call must have authority to accept this agreement. All calls are billed regardless of the circumstances. This service is for emergencies only. Do not use this service for problems that can wait until normal business hours. To use this service, call the normal support line at 203-265-3440 and follow the prompts.

  • Custom Installation

  • After your system is ordered, a detailed users manual, pre-installation checklist, and questionnaire are sent to you. The questionnaire allows us to customize the software in accordance with your business practices. We can also customize your training sessions to address your unique requirements and concerns.

    In order to provide you with a high quality, fully tested and operational system, it is our policy to market complete "turnkey" hardware and software solutions. Our experience has proven that this is the only way to maintain a consistent high standard of quality.

    Software and Hardware Tips!

    In our newsletter, we will be featuring software and hardware tips to provide shortcuts to help increase your productivity. The tips may also reduce the number of calls you need to make to our support department. Click Here to visit the News Page!

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